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 more than meets the eye, small details.
Evelyn Spielrein
 Posted: May 12 2018, 03:51 PM
I'm a red girl in a sea of silver. I'm an accident. I'm a lie. And my life depends on maintaining the illusion.

190 posts
27 years old
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alias Anca



Evelyn Spielrein– Gowns/Dresses
(Wilmund and Siberia Edition)

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

user posted image
user posted image
Kurt F. Wildrig
 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 03:16 PM
If I can not bend the will of Heaven, I shall move Hell.

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34 years old
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alias Anca

Headmaster; british DMLE consultant

stoned on you

inspired by Thomas Sanders' The Sanders Sides

(Kurt Wildrig)

user posted image user posted image
    Self-confidence – trust, seeing yourself as being beautiful, being aware of your own worth, feeling good about the physical appearance, positive state of mind, putting your “kick ass” shoes on; looks like a very stylish and a bit arrogant Kurt. Responsible for lines like:

    You’re doing amazing, sweetie, and I don’t even have to be a momager to see that.

    You are so sexy I would marry you, but you’re already me and that’s kinda creepy.

    Why save money when you’re going to be a celebrity anyway?

    Shhh, don’t yell at them – save your precious neurons for further scientific research that’s gonna skyrocket your career.

    If you aren’t right, then who is?

    Self-doubt – being ashamed of yourself, stuttering, looking at your own face and seeing a garbage can, negative thoughts, not even trying for fear of losing, self-sabotage; looks like a sick, sad Kurt, constantly wrapped in a blanket and on the verge of crying. Responsible for lines like:

    I am ugly as Hell and I am going to die alone.

    I am a pseudo-intellectual and people can see through me. That’s why they hate me.

    I had to lie about my hobbies to get a best friend. What does that say about me?

    On a scale of one to ten, I am negative. Just that. Negative.

    Even the first human had a better fashion style than me and he was naked!
(Robin D’Arcy)

user posted image user posted image
    Motivation –getting stuff done, being in love with what you’re doing, treating yourself happily and knowing you’ve been productive, being proud of yourself for being responsible, giving multiple damns about your work and your good reputation; looks like a focused yet relaxed Robin, always cheerful and excited to help. Responsible for lines like:

    Wake up and follow the map. At the end of the day, you have a present to unwrap. What that present might be? Well, the joy of productivity! And I am not a Commie!

    Ah, I can sense the smell of a well-done job.

    Don’t panic, just focus. Step by step, the unbearable task will be easy, hocus-pocus.

    Guuuys, you cannot let her sleep all day. As she said to Self-confidence, she wants to be a ‘bad bitch’ and ‘slay’? We have to make her work, okay?

    Don’t you sleep better than you’ve got nothing left to do? I care about your sleep, boo.

    Passion – (although passion has a positive meaning, Robin’s passion is violent) going to protests, defending your visions and opinions, getting into physical and verbal fights for the sake of what you think is right, getting angry and hot-headed when someone is attacking your values and preferences; looks like an angry, brooding and unfriendly Robin. Responsible for lines like:

    I am going to punch your face if you ever say feminism is unnecessary.

    Who the Hell pours the milk before the cereal?

    Yes, woman, God is real, just as much as Snow White, Toothfairy and Big Foot are. Yes, I’ve seen them all.

    I am not bitter and violent, I just choose people based on solid criteria.

    Earth isn’t flat, but your brain might be *applies chapstick* *pops lips* …bitch!
(Lucas Pendragon)

user posted image user posted image
    Reason – intelligence, balance, knowing when to shut up, choosing to be nice instead of being right, being right when nice isn’t a solution anymore, making choices based on previous consideration and analysis, memorizing all the stuff that may or not may not help you one day and using them when the time is right; looks like a Luke dressed in a lab coat and wearing plastic lab glasses. Responsible for lines like:

    Stop squeezing the Tide Pods. I know you aren’t going to eat them, but you imagining how it would be like to do that just pains me in a special place – the brain.

    You really think I am going to allow you to forget the full definition of the cell? You aren’t going to need it, but really, do you wanna give up on such beautiful information?

    I am keeping you up at night for your own good. Now, let’s repeat the last chapter that we already know by heart, just because the theory is sooo good and deserves more praise.

    No, don’t eat that. It’s going to cause you allergies, no matter how good it tastes. Now, put it back. Yeah, like that. Good girl.

    Do you really think I would let you climb a mountain when your physical shape resembles a sphere? Who do you think I am? Unrealistic Expectations?

    Doubt – (when it comes to doubting other people) giving up on humanity, expecting to be disappointed by everyone, treating everyone as possible fools or losers, questioning everything you know, losing grip on reality; looks like a very scared Luke, always shaking and sweating treating everyone around him as a threat. Responsible for lines like:
    Oh, look, that Nice girl messaged me. If Nice girl is her real name…

    Yes, of course they broke up. Hell, true love is a lie!

    But what if God really exists and Reason and Passion are lying to me?

    Oh, look at them. Just some more people who are going to enter my life and crush it, leaving me in pain and confusion even more.

    Men are trash, little girl! T-R-A-S-H! Run as fast as you can and isolate yourself from the world. Even you, yeah, you are trash. Isn’t it so, Self-doubt?.
(Evelyn Spielrein)

user posted image user posted image
    Loyalty – friendly, momma bear, caring, would sacrifice herself for the sake of the ones she loves, stable and helpful, knows how to keep secrets; looks like an Evelyn dressed in pink, always carrying around tea, medication, feel better cards and chocolate. Responsible for lines like:

    Honey, you know, it’s you and me against the world.

    Leave my baby alone, you ugly cockroaches!

    In the long run, we do not matter. What matters is the joy we spread and the memories we leave in other people’s minds.

    Why would you be the side-chick when you can be the sidekick? Although, even Robin squeezed Batman’s d… No, not our Robin. He’s too busy or hot-headed for that.

    I am always the last one standing, and not only because the others are jerks and take all the seats in the room.

    Clinginess – the overly attached side, invested in the relationship, but gets crazy, vengeful and dramatic when someone else leaves, prefers codependency, not interdependency, likes to hold and kiss and be pretty sweet and follows you everywhere…everywhere; looks like an Evelyn dressed in neon colors, has a tendency to grab people around her, talks fast without saying anything important, full hysteria mode when left alone. Responsible for lines like:

    Soulmates are real and they are bound by life and death alike.

    If one of you dares to leave without telling me, I am going hunt you down and kill you. All of you.

    Oh, when Reason knows everything, he is called smart. When I know everything, I am called a stalker!

    What’s the point in having any kind of relationship if you don’t act at least like twins? I’d prefer being siamese-close, but society is a pussy, too afraid of real, meaningful connections.

    Loyalty may be here when you need her, but I am ALWAYS here.
(Isobel Munn)

user posted image user posted image
    Independency – relying on yourself, feeling powerful by doing stuff without needing anyone’s help, doing things your own way, providing for yourself, not being bound by any relationship, signed paper, etc. , complete freedom; looks like a Bel dressed in comfortable, large, yet elegant clothes. Responsible for lines like:

    You can do without them. You have what it takes to succeed, not them. Use you. Use what you know.

    Honey, if I wanted to be pitiful, I would get dressed as Clinginess and walk down the main street.

    Money don’t grow on trees, nor do they grow inside sugar daddies’ pockets.

    I am going to fix that pipe and no one is going to lend a hand or so God help me!

    I am fine, I got this, stop making a fuss!

    Self-sufficiency – isolating yourself from others, rejecting other people, missing on opportunities and nice moments, being stubborn about the need of interacting with others, fooling yourself into thinking you are not a social being and dedicating your time to binging Netflix shows and eating like a pig while judging people you don’t even know; looks like a Bel who’s always tired, dressed in pajamas and pretends the others aren’t there. Responsible for lines like:

    Who gave you the right to disturb me?

    I kind of love going out, but don’t expect me to join you on this adventure, guys. Or any adventure.

    Ice cream and TV would never let me down.

    Why is Doubt the only one that gets me? But, really, Doubt, don’t think we’re friends or something…

    Everyone is terrible – people, sides, ugh!
(Josephine Spielrein)

user posted image user posted image
    Honesty – respecting others and telling them the truth as it is in order to help them avoid an embarrassing situation, admitting you are wrong, telling people how you really feel, being open and vulnerable in front of the people who care about you, taking responsibility for your actions and being comfortable with that, admitting on some bad things you’ve done; looks like a very carefree and likeable Josephine, always happy and calm. Responsible for lines like:

    You are not okay and you know it. Now do something about it before it turns into something worse.

    Stop lying to yourself. If you’re lying to yourself, how can you be honest with others?

    Yes, you look fat. Now let’s start working out, shall we?

    Tell them you love them, girl! It might be the only time you can do that!

    Yes, wearing heels is uncomfortable and bad for your health, but you keep trying and trying and failing. I kind of feel sorry for you.

    Straightforwardness – coming off as rude, expressing your unnecessary opinion, saying out loud what you think without thinking about other people’s feelings, believing you are honest, but ending up saying hurtful stuff just because deep down in your soul you want to be mean and now you have an opportunity to be so; looks like a Josephine dressed in black, always having a big smile on her face but a hateful stare. Responsible for lines like:

    It isn’t the dress that makes you look pregnant and miserable. It's just you.

    It doesn’t take long for her to study, she’s just stupid.

    Honey, you look like you’ve been hit by a truck, poor you!

    I don’t mean to offend you, but not wanting to date black people is racist.

    I didn’t help you with the homework not because I was busy, but because you do not deserve my help. Sorry.
Eric B. D'Arcy
 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 08:07 PM
I fear those big words which make us so unhappy.

42 posts
28 years old
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alias Anca


I could love you more than life

Unwritten (canon) adventures series
Part 1: How Eric and Kurt’s inexplicable and quickly escalating passion
for quoting Avril Lavigne’s Sk8r Boi always gets them into weird situations

    [when Luke told Eric about the birds and the bees from his own experience]
    Luke: I am just a boy, Molly is just a girl…
    Eric: Can you make it any more obvious?
    Luke: Okay. So I wanted her…
    Eric: Oh, one can never tell. That and the fact that she wanted you as well.
    Luke: I have Asperger’s, of course I cannot. Wait. Are you being sarcastic right now?

    [when Luke and Kurt gossiped about Eira’s love life]
    Luke: Alfie isn’t good enough for her.
    Kurt: She has a pretty face, but her head is up in space. She needs to come back down to earth.
    Eira: I am right behind you.

    [when Kurt and Bel discussed Robin’s life as a college student]
    Kurt: Oh, come on, tell me some secrets about him.
    Isobel: He was a skater boy.
    Kurt: Now he's a superstar, slamming on his guitar. Does your pretty face see what he's worth?
    Isobel: He plays an instrument?! He never told me, and I am his best friend!
    Kurt: Sorry, girl, but you missed out. Well, tough luck, that boy's mine now.
    Isobel: I am a lesbian. Stop denying my sexuality, you bigot!

    [when boys at Hogwarts used to make fun of Eric for loving trees and plants]
    Eric: There is more than meets the eye.
    The boys (mostly Slytherins): Oh, yeah, like what?
    Eric: I see the soul that is inside.
    The boys: You weirdo!

    [family trip to the supermarket, conversation in the car about Eric going to his first concert]
    Kurt: So, I heard someone has a VIP ticket.
    Eric: I’ll be backstage after the show!
    Kurt: I'll be at a studio, singing the song we wrote about a girl you used to know.
    Robin: Wait a second! He had a girlfriend I didn’t know about? I am his father, too!

    [when kids at school asked Eric about his family]
    Kids: So, you have two dads. There has to be someone 'normal' in your family. How about your siblings?
    Eric: She was a punk, he did ballet. What more can I say?

    [when Eric told Wony about his passion for squishy toys]
    Eric: Me and Mr. Squishy are more than just good friends.
    Kurt: This is how the story ends…

    [when Rhea confronted Kurt about his poster of Dwayne the Rock Johnson]
    Kurt: We are in love, haven’t you heard…
    Rhea: At least your love for memes and dad jokes died.
    Kurt: … how we rock each other’s world?
Isobel Munn
 Posted: Jun 25 2018, 04:58 PM
Mostly you are what they think you are.

35 posts
28 years old
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alias Anca

Duelling professor


user posted image user posted image
    "If you ever got in trouble I would be there on the double just to bail you out. If there's anything you lack you know I've always got your back that's what it's all about. Think of me as your sidekick, helping you whenever I can. I'm more than just a woman, baby, when the pressure's coming, baby. Let me be your right-hand man"
    "But you're not a man, I'm the man"
    " Ugh! You're not hearing me. If you're ever in a pickle, you can call for me and quick'll be how fast I run "
    "But I'm not in a pickle!"
    "You and me should be a team for any dream or any scheme that's how it should be done. Sure, I could stay in the background just smiling every now and again. But just to be a pretty lady, that would be a pity, baby, let me be your right-hand man. I am stronger than you think, don't be thinking I ain't tough, I am where you oughta go, when the going's getting rough. So when things are going badly"
    "But they're not."
    "They kinda are."
    "No, things are fine."
    "But if they weren't."
    "But it’s okay."
    "Rob! Quit trying to protect me!"
    "Can we change the subject, please?"
    "Not until you know that if you're ever in a fix and it's a fix you need to nix then I'm your go-to guy."
    "You're not a guy."
    "Don't be so literal! And don't forget I'm not a shrinking violet, a solid rock am I. So don't be thinking I'll crumble when the you-know-what hits the fan. There's no problem that's too big, when you’re my best friend, that's the gig. So don't be a sexist pig! Is it too much to ask of you? It's really 'cause I love you! Baby, I'm your right, don't put up a fight. Let me be your right-hand man."
user posted image user posted image

@ Right-hand man from Something Rotten: The Musical
Masha Bulgakov
 Posted: Jul 7 2018, 08:29 PM
Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

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alias Anca


who knew you could be allergic to love?

Spirit animals

even characters have something like this

…but happier than my character

They are nice and sympathetic girls
user posted image user posted image

They know how to push the right buttons to obtain what they want
user posted image user posted image

They love their little sisters so hecking much
user posted image user posted image

But they love their father figure even more
user posted image user posted image

They have a very strong sense of self
user posted image user posted image

Their rough childhood didn’t affect their perception of family, at all
user posted image user posted image

user posted image user posted image

user posted image user posted image

user posted image user posted image
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